The Brand "Pithari" is 100% extra virgin olive oil!

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    The official site of the Agricultural Cooperative of Gargaliani.
    From this site you can find out information about our products, our ways of production
    but also how to order your own bottle of 100% extra virgin olive oil.
    The website is under construction, pardon our dust.
  • The excellent weather of Gargaliani
    The longlasting sunshine
    All our producers take care their olive trees with love and care
    The collection of the olive fruit in its prime time
    Result in the excellent quality our product has
    the Extra Virgin Olive Oil "PITHARI" is actually a natural fruitjuice.
  • High Quality
    Bottle Standardization


How to Buy

You can call our offices and notify a friendly sales representative your interest. You will be guided to the best sale suits your needs whether is wholesale or retail.


Our Products

With a quick look below, you can get an idea what sizes you can buy your extra virgin olive oil.

Glassy Bottle 250ml

Glassy Bottle 500ml

Glassy Bottle 750ml

Tin of 5L


Quality, taste and authenticity in olive oil that you cannot find similar anywhere.

The secret is our traditional collection of the oil-fruit, and the sophisticated technologies of olive oil separators.